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Easy to Cook Recipes: Lutong-bahay na, Lutong Pinoy pa!

They say that cooking takes talent and skill.  I say, cooking takes passion and desire.  It is easy to cook but with passion and desire, one could muster the art of cooking.

I love cooking!  My adventurous spirit is overwhelming when I cook. Thus, I don't follow any cook books.  I make my own recipe.

Now, I would like to share to you my recipes that I delicately prepared & tested.  I hope you'll love them.  Enjoy and have fun in cooking

LnK Wants You!

Luto ni Kikay wants your comments, suggestions and testimonials!  LnK greatly appreciates if you’ll share your cooking experience after trying some of the Lnk’s recipes.  In this way Lnk will improve for the better. Thank you so much!

Today's RECIPE

Chocolate Mug Cakes

I have no skills at all in baking, so I tried the easy-to-bake cakes a.k.a. mug cakes.  With a lot of patience and determination, then after several trials...I've got my perfect Chocolate Mug Cakes.

KIKAY's Note

Different Cuts & Slices You'll Love

Mastery of knife skill is very important in cooking.   It brings cooking to new level and at the same time promotes art in culinary discipline.  And as the saying goes...practice makes perfect.  Enjoy cutting!

Helpful Hint

"Add a twist of lemon to your green tea.  Citrus juice increases the absorbability of the tea's antioxidant by more than five times."

-Reader's Digest

Mix ½ cup of cane vinegar and  2 pcs. calamansi extract for homemade antiseptic.  Apply it on insect bites, minor wounds, etc. as you apply rubbing alcohol.  It makes healing time faster.

Food for Thoughts

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