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Different Cuts & Slices You'll Love

Different cuts are required depending upon the dish being prepared because foods cook at different speeds and the size or shape of the food affects how long a dish must cook to be prepared correctly.  A knife cut is how a chef or cook slices food into a specific shape. The different types of basic knife cuts are battonnet, dice, allumette, brunoise, julienne, and mince.

Mastery of knife skill is very important in cooking.   It brings cooking to new level and at the same time promotes art in culinary discipline.  And as the saying goes...practice makes perfect.  Enjoy cutting!  More read...


Be A Sex Goddess @ 40 in No Time!

Ever wonder why sometimes your man canít help turning his head when an attractive woman passes by and forgets that heís with you? Ouch! Admit it that hurts. But you canít blame him, can you? Have you looked closely to the mirror and checkout yourself?

Donít lose hope, Gurl! You can still be a sex goddess though youíre on your way to mid-life. All it takes is a lot of determination and discipline. In no time, your man will put you on pedestal. Here are some ways that will keep your manís eyes on you only.

Strictly follow the Food Pyramid Guide. Know your food and lessen your in take. Carbo-food and sweets are high in calories. Avoid these foods.

Detoxify. Cleanse your body by drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day. Aside from water, take high-fiber drink juice 3-4 times a day. This will help you move the unnecessary toxic waste from your body, even bad cholesterol.

Tone that Body. Hit to the gym and start working out. There are many programs in the gym to fit your personality.

Rejuvenate your being. Bring back the glow in your skin. Once in a while, visit a Spa or Derm Clinic to help you to rejuvenate your being. If youíre in tight budget, there are some home remedies for skin exfoliation. Check it out on some beauty books or magazine.

Sleep and Rest. Make sure you always get a straight 8 long hours of sleep daily. Sleep must not be taken in installment basis to make up 8 hours. That doesnít work well. Youíll look like a Zombie if you do that. Your body will tend to be more sluggish and feel heavy fatigue if you lack sleep for a long period of time. Your mind and body are being recharged completely by having a complete 8 hour sleep.

Avoid Stress. Take it easy and slow down. Donít beat up yourself too much by working beyond your capacity.

Donít be a Shlumpadinka. Itís a word created by Oprah Winfrey referring to a woman who dresses as though she has completely given up, that she forget to be stylish. Gurl, you donít wanna be a Shlumpadinka, do you? Start checking out your wardrobe and have a make over. Shop, if you must, for clothes that will enhance your assets.

source: gurl yah luv


Fit & Fab Ė the new word combo that many likes to achieve.  Being fit is no nonsense but being fabulous at the same time is an aspiration for everyone.  Yet the ultimate question isÖhow does one be FIT and be FAB?

Being fit is not just about dieting and losing weight.  Itís about the determination and discipline to maintain your body in your normal weight and at the same time healthy.  Yes, you have lost weight!  But are you healthy?  You canít just lose weight and risk your health condition.  Dieting is not about skipping meals so you can avoid the food that makes you fat.  When you skip meals, you also skip important nutrients that your body needs.  And being thin is not being fit.  Slim is not another term for healthy.  To be fit, you must be on top form, well and good healthy.

How to be fit & fab? Follow these simple rules:

Maintain Balance.  In everything you do, never under or over do it.  Moderation is the key.  Even in your diet!  Always take a balance diet.  Just simply follow the food pyramid in eating and watch your calorie intake.

Make exercise a habit.  Exercise is getting healthy from the inside out.  20-30 minute work-out a day will not burn extra calories you have gained.  It will only boost your cardiovascular system.  If you want to shed off extra pounds, extend your work-out time for 15-20 more minutes.  When you reach your ideal weight, exercise will help keep the weight off.  So, exercise daily and make it a habit!

Combining diet and exercise will help you be fit.  If you are fit, from head to toe, then you feel better inside and out.  Thus, you feel good about yourself.  You have the confidence to face the world.  Your radiance glows.  Your energy flows tremendously.  You become vivacious.  And people will see that.  You have now the capacity to affect others.  Hence, fabulous you will be!


Rx: WASLEX - A Diet Prescription

Nowadays there have been many ways to lose weight and stay healthy. Different kinds of diets have been sprouting lately like mushrooms. But to many, nothing seems to be working out well. Others canít figure out why they canít seem to be successful in having a good body and figure.

The truth isÖone should not deprive himself from eating anything at all. The trick is just to eat all in moderation. Remember the food group pyramid? Stick to that scheme and youíll have a bon a petit all the time. Do you think to go vegetarian is healthy? Think again!! Not all essential nutrients are in veggies. The truth of the matter isÖyour body can really be a ďveggieĒ.

In any diet you may take, however, there is a prescription you must not neglect and ignore, i.e. WASLEX. This is a must that you should have in any form of dieting you have & do.

The very essential produce that our body needs. Experts sayÖtake at least 8 glasses a day. But I sayÖtake more than 10 glasses a day. Donít worry, your bladder can take as much as many as you really can. Your bladder is expandable organ, so donít worry that it might explode because you have taken much. Water helps in keeping your body eliminating toxics out from your system.

Many say that adult need only at least 6 hrs sleep in a day. Some thought that depriving oneself to sleeping hours could help lose weight. But have you noticed that if you only sleep that much or lesser everyday, your body tends to be sluggish? Hence, you crave for more food than usual. You feel you donít have the energy to get you going, so you crave for food that you thought can boost your energy. Thus, you find yourself gaining more weight.

Try to have 8 hour sleep everyday and your body will have all the energy you need. Remember that rejuvenating, repairing and recharging of your brain and body only takes place when you are at sleep. If you deprive yourself from sleep, your body will not be fully recharged and repaired.

A 15 to 20 minutes exercise is good to your body. Your body needs exercise to maintain better metabolism. If you have slow metabolism, it means that the process of converting the nutrients into useful components is slow. Thus, the nutrients will amass in your body and eventually youíll gain weight. Exercise will make the metabolism of your body faster so that the breakdown of the nutrients into useful components and energy is also faster. Exercise will make your body more energetic and your heart stronger than ever.

source: gurlyahluv

Watch What You Eat!

Yup!  Holiday Season is the season to be jolly.  But this doesnít mean that youíll forget to take care of your health.

The season could be tempting for you to eat more than you should.  Thus, some have problems in weight gain during these days.  Remember that weight is easy to gain but hard to lose.  So, donít let allow yourself to be tempted.  You should always watch out so you better not cry and Iím telling you why, even Santa Clause cannot help if you will be naughty in eating.

Basic Adobo Sauce

Since I'd been cooking adobo for so many times now, I formulated my own basic adobo sauce.  This is good for pork or chicken.  And if I want it sweetened I try to add Mountain Dew.  This sauce can also be use with other recipes like menudo and dinuguan.  The taste will vary once additional ingredients are put into it.  Like the menudo...tomato sauce, carrot, potato, onion, etc are added.  But with this basic sauce, my cooking adventures have never stopped from coming.

Ingredients:  For every 500g of meat
5 tbs. Cane Vinegar
5 tbs. Soy Souce
2 cloves Garlic (minced)
1 tbs. Brown Sugar
dash of Powdered Black Pepper
  1. Mix all ingredients and viola!  Basic Adobo Sauce.
  2. If you want the traditional adobo, just add dried laurel leaf.
  3. If you want it sweet, don't add more sugar.  Instead add 5 tbs. of Mountain Dew.

No or Less Salt

It's no or less salt for me!  Have you noticed most of my recipes have no recommended measurement on salt?  Yes! That's true.  Since I use other cooking seasonings, I prefer not to add salt.  So to my followers, it's all up to you!  Your taste buds will decide.  This way, you can have your final touch on the food. 

Happy tasting!!!

Lumpia Fillings

Did you know that the recipe I posted for fresh lumpia fillings is also for fried lumpia?  Bean sprouts filling is best for fried lumpia.  And it's easier coz you don't need to prepare for wrapper, sauce & toppings.  All you need is the ready-made lumpia wrapper that is always available in the market.  Use the procedure in pork spring roll when wrapping and frying.  Enjoy cooking!


The word seems exotic and intriguing yet it implies powerful effect - an effect that may change oneís acumen. An aphrodisiac is a substance that is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love. It is a sexual stimulant that comes in various forms that thought to arouse sexual excitement.

Aphrodisiacs may be classified in two principal groups: (1) psychophysiological (visual, tactile, olfactory, aural) and (2) internal (stemming from food, alcoholic drinks, drugs, love potions, medical preparations). The second group is more popular since it can be acquired without difficulty especially when it comes in food form.

According to, substances that "by nature" represent "seed or semen" such as bulbs, eggs, snails" were considered inherently to have sexual powers. Other types of foods were considered stimulating by their "physical resemblance to genitalia". It has been suggested that man's universal attribution of libidinous effects to certain foods originated in the ancient belief in the therapeutic efficacy of signatures: if an object resembled the genitalia, it possessed, so it was reasoned, sexual powers.

source:, gurl yah luv

Start Trimming!

Research tells that to gauge yourself if your health is at risk, measure your waistline. Your waist must only be half of your weight (kg). So, if you weigh 50kgs, you must have 25inch waistline. If your waist measurement is more than the half of your weight, then your health is at risk. You better start heading for the gym to trim your waistline!

Here are some ways to help you trim that body:

Run or Walk. Oblige yourself to run or walk everyday. When going to office is only a short distance to where you live, why not use your pair of legs rather than driving your car or taking a cab? This way, you save money (for gasoline and/or fare); yet you’re giving yourself a better shape of you.

Join a group exercise. If you can’t exercise alone at home, why not go to the gym near your office and join a group exercise? Choose your best time to go to the gym (before work or after work). Join group exercises so you won’t feel lazy. The group may encourage you more and at the same time you meet new friends.

Lessen your food intake. If you eat two cups of rice a meal, make it only one cup. If you have 2pc chicken a meal, have 1pc only. If you take 1 big slice of steak, just take half of it then share the other half to others. If you feel like munching before regular meals, make sure you stay away from sweet delights like donuts, cakes, etc. and also, never munch hamburger or fries. 1 slice of cracker is good enough for munching between regular meals.

Keep your body hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Less intake of water everyday may put your urinary tract in trouble, at the same time; toxins in your body may not be eliminated properly. Water helps your body revitalize.

In no time you’ll get the perfect shape and you’re putting your health in good condition. Remember, health is wealth! No matter what’s your status, your health must be your priority. If you’re healthy and well, you can really be what you want to be. You’ll have all the energy to work on your goal and ambition in life.
source: Gurl Yah Luv!


I'm almost there for completion!  Now, I am burdened if I can really do this.  I realized that creating this kind of site is a big task. Writing and documenting recipes seem straightforward, yet it requires ingenuity and time.   It’s exigent because it also demands creativity and patience.

 But with your help and support, I know that Luto ni Kikay will be successful!  Thank you so much.

Cook It On!

I thought writing a recipe is as easy as 1-2-3.  I tell you, it’s damn difficult!  I love to cook but I don’t use any cookbooks.  I invent my own recipes.  If I want a food that I tasted somewhere, I try to remember the taste and figure out the ingredients behind it; then I do my version.  But the problem with my version, I don’t really measure the ingredients I used in every dish I make.  I always use estimation, a little of this and a little of that.  Since I love Math, I equate cooking as problem solving.  Hence, my method is usually TAE (trial and error).  It challenges me that way, and it gives me so much pleasure just like when I figure out the solution on a Math problem.  Given that, I hardly share my recipes because I’m afraid it won’t turn out just the way it should be.  That is why I ended up being the cook of the family in every special occasion.

 Now, I realized I gotta learn to use measurements in every time I cook special dish . And this site inspires me to do so.  With the help of my family and friends,  I can do  it.  COOK IT ON!